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There are many reasons to shop handmade. One of which is as
an alternative to blindly consuming mass-produced items. Finding and using handmade artifacts bring us closer to the inspiration and intention behind them. We have a direct connection to its creator, and come to appreciate that someone's hands labored to bring such a prize.  It is the meaning and value granted any item by its owner that reveals its beauty

Featured Artist - May 2016

Statistics list that in 2007, 940,000 in Uganda, Africa are living with HIV/Aids. More than 40% of Africans do not have the ability to get enough food on a day. In Uganda over half (55%) of people live in poverty (below the poverty line). The average Ugandans makes around $24.00 a month. Because of this, the role of women has been abused and neglected. With Trades of Hope’s help, women are being transformed through sustainable business! Source: Trades of Hope works with a group in Uganda, Africa that is an organization managed by the disadvantaged to help the disadvantaged! The majority of the artisans are either people who are disabled or are widowed. Their lives are being changed from the sales of their stunning baskets! One of the missions of this group is to provide hope to disabled people, youth, and those suffering from HIV/AIDS. This group is over 85% women and is excited about the change they are making in the women of Uganda. Recently this group purchased an 85-acre plot of land where they plan to build a village. The center will be used mainly to teach youth with disabilities about income generation. Many of these young people have now successfully started their own businesses!

Nakato’s Story 

Nakato is a fighter. Her husband left her when he found out she was pregnant. AIDS ridden, impoverished and a single mother to a four year old daughter, Nakato started working as an artisan from her bed. Through her artisan work, she was able to pay her own hospital fees and bring herself back to health. In the midst of battling her own disease, she was able to send her daughter to school, and to open a bank account for herself. Nakato sees herself as a business woman, and plans to open her own shop one day. Trades of Hope is proud to offer beautiful blue bracelets from this group of women. The purchase of these bracelets goes back to beautiful women like Nakato. 

Trades of Hope works with women making beautiful beads in the heart of Uganda!! Our beautiful Ugandan beads are hand-crafted by these special and unique women. Many of these women struggle with AIDS, and this organization is empowering these women to rise above the many hardships they face in their country. They learn skills to create and to sell their products. They also learn how to provide for their family! 

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The Trades of hope Galleries make it easy to shop handmade.

The Featured Artist Galleries at Handmade-Hope give you a deeper insight into the stories of the artists. Knowing the inspiration and intention of an artist, or the vision they attempt to express is important information when determining the value of the goods we buy and use.

Using meaningful objects and appreciating beauty in its many manifestations is one way to create a Sacred Space in our lives. It is the value and the meaning YOU bestow that makes the things sacred.

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Check back soon for updates. Soon you will find many inspiring artisans with beautiful creations filled with meaning and value for you in YOUR life.

See you in the Circle!

Terri Stevenson - Sustainable Quilt Artist

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