More Mandalas - Gallery Two

Mandala Artist - Terri Stevenson

Five Souls On Purpose

This quilt was inspired by my participation in a group meditation project. Within the boundaries of the circle you will find five meditators symbolically represented within a pyramid of light made of silver bugle beads. These meditators appear as etheric forms holding an image of the Planet in their Heart Chakra.

The photo of this quilt can't quite capture its essence. The metallic threads embedded throughout this mandala catch and reflect any light in the room, adding the visual effect of movement, at times.

While meditating on the center, it is quite easy find yourself feeling transported through a portal into starry realms.

ptivate collection

Night-Blooming Lotus

The complete title I gave this quilt is actually - Night-Blooming Lotus - When Darkness Falls Bloom Anyway!

I love to sit in front of this mandala and gaze into the center as I do an open-eyed meditation.

This mandala is approximately 44 inches in diameter. The jewel tones of the colors is its border remind me of a rainbow-colored bridge.

private collection

The Response

This effort was an attempt to capture the feeling of a stained glass window, and is one of my earliest mandalas. I had been exploring an adaptation of a water-color technique called Color Wash Quilting.

This was the first time I embedded the metallic thread scraps I had been collecting into layers on the surface. Adding this element of Light took me into new and exciting concepts I still explore today.

The Promise

This mandala is one of my most popular. It combines some of my favorite color-wash techniques.

This technique builds the quilt-top by deliberately placing each 2-inch square one at a time.

It requires patience to find just the combination and rotation of each square, and it is always necessary to view your work with some distance to really get the feel of the effect of your labors. I have found this a valuable lesson for living, too!

Sacred Heart

This mandala was created for a dear friend. It was my first attempt requesting an appropriate vision from Universe.

It marked another stage of my evolution as an artist, as well as a milestone in my personal transformation.

It was my first effort at purposefully entering Sacred Space to ask for symbolic images for another.

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