Mandala Gallery One

Mandala Artist - Terri Stevenson

Flower of Life Peace Blessing

The Flower of Life pattern seen in this mandala is common to many stained-glass windows. This quilt is a large one, done using a technique I call sketching. The petal-like pieces are free-motion stitched with a holographic gold thread.

This mandala was the show piece for my very first gallery show in Charlottesville, Virginia. The night of the reception, those in attendence were invited to share a one-word 'element' of PEACE .... and these collective intentions were invoked as a blessing for the coming year! May you experience them, extend them, and realize them every day!


Divine Human Emerging

Made as a gift for my son, this is one of my personal favorites. It blends the love he and I share for the work of artists Salvadore Dali and M. C. Escher.

The binding is constructed from scraps of discarded men's neckties, while a good portion of the work in the center uses some of my first attempts at hand-dyed fabric.

In the center of the spiral, the spector of the Divine Human arises amid forms that morph into new evolutions as the energy follows the implied spiral.

While it is the salute to Salvadore Dali at the center of this piece, it is the organic and geometric influence of M. C. Escher that moves around this Divine Human. This organic spiral is both ascending and descending, by design.

Eventually .... the liberated creatures achieve their wings and crown the head of our Divine Human.

This quilt took me into new realms as I learned new curved-piecing techniques. With a little freezer-paper, a basic pattern (some of my favorites are stained-glass patterns!) and an active imagination willing to take risks and make mistakes, I felt I had truly been liberated from my previously held assumptions of what a beautiful quilt looks like. Now I had some techniques that could take me nearly anywhere I wanted to go.

Window of Joy

When I began this quilt I was in for a wonderful journey. This was a commissioned piece, and the owner was an friend I had known on-line for a while, but never met. She gave me her color preferances, and pretty much left the rest to me.

I began the project by entering into a meditation and requesting the appropriate vision from Universe. This mandala taught a new lesson! Usually, I would receive an inner image of the completed design. However this time, I only got the very center ... and no more until THAT was implemented on my design board. Layer by layer, the design would unfold, until the birds appeared and I received the complete design.

Another first - with this project, I found enough courage to use a new material to embed the light. The new material worked brilliantly and opened many new pathways of experimentation in the months to come.

Love and Gratitude

Inspired by the work of Dr. Emoto's amazing research as seen in the movie What the Bleep Do We Know?, this quilt illustrates the power of our thoughts, and is my interpretation of the shape of the crystal in water molecules when programmed by the words LOVE and GRATITUDE.

There are lots more of my mandalas to see! And I I'm sure there will be more in the future. I just can't seem to get enough of making these strange round quilts!

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