More Mandala Art - Gallery Three

Mandala Artist - Terri Stevenson

Thirteen Moons Wolf Medicine

For me, Wolf Medicine symbolizes the healing energies associated with Teacher?.

This mandala art quilt presents thirteen moons within the boundary of its circle. With the teaching and healing energies of Wolf at its center, it invites us to contemplate the concept of time.

Why thirteen moons?

I encourage the reader to further explore this fascinating subject by visiting the Law of Time Website at:

Learn more about the Law of Time here!

"Through the Thirteen Moon / 28 - day calendar, the most practical application of the Law of Time, the Foundation recognizess that the first step to change human consciousness on a mass scale is to change its macroprogram - the calendar."

private collection

Sirian Gate Keeper

This piece of mandala art is a medicine wheel, and invites the viewer to enter the center and swim with the dolphins.

The fabric in the background reminds some of waves in the ocean ... and others, clouds in the sky.

The dolphins found leaping from the center of this mandala offer their playful companionship whether you choose to romp with them through the ocean's depths, or soar through the heavens above.

private collection

Butterfly Matrix

In this quilt I held the purpose to invoke transformation for the healing of the planet.

I fell in love with this fabric, and often used butterflies to symbolize change and transformation.

At the center of this mandala is an image of the Earth. The choice of fabrics include the rich green fern-like fabric to hold the energy of the plant kingdom, the soft blue-green waves of Gaia's waters, the deep blue of Her skies, and a touch of yellow, invoking the energy of our third chakra, our societal Self.

private collection

Pizza Shop Tango

This quilt was made to hang on the wall of a dear friend's pizza place. The logo of the business is the yin-yang symbol, and it would be the center of this quilt.

The orange fabrics in the center of this piece of mandala art reminded me of the top of a freshly-baked pizza and seemed the perfect place to start.

I have decades of experience working in the food and beverage industry, which is often frenetic and frenzied. A well-functioning team in a busy restaurant moves as if dancing - hence the name Pizza-Shop Tango.

Looking closely at the detail of the mandala, you may notice I have taken care to attempt to balance the predominately masculine shapes concentrated towards the center, with the curving feminine shapes moving towards the perimeter.

It takes two to tango!

private collection

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