Living The Dream

by Terri

Some years ago, in the midst of my busy life as a single-mother, country line-dancing was the craze. I decided I needed a bit more fun AND exercise in my life ... so I showed up at the neighborhood tavern one night where lessons were offered to those brave enough to make public fools of themselves on the dance floor. One night I met Jim, and we had more fun than the proverbial bucket of monkeys!

Not long into the relationship, Jim invited me to see the log cabin he was rebuilding in a neighboring county. My first visit to the splendid property was before the roof was put on the main cabin .... and long before the many improvements he has since made. For several months thereafter, it was my joy to spend many hours, often with my young children in tow, helping with whatever task had priority. No running water or electricity made each visit an adventure, and many nights around the campfire gazing at the stars or mornings on the front-porch for coffee and great conversations are cherished memories.

One week-end Jim held a dedication ceremony for the property, setting up the handmade tee-pee in one side yard, roasting a hog, and inviting many friends and neighbors to participate. The dedication ceremony included an 'official' pipe-ceremony, with blessings made to Grandfather and the Grandmothers. Feasting, dancing, story-telling and a living spirit of community was enjoyed by all. Later that summer, Jim and I had a direct encounter with The Organic Light that would change me in ways I could not have foreseen at the time.

As life sometimes has a way of unfolding, I lost contact with Jim for many years. The time spent at his cabin stayed with me, though, and a seed of a vision had sprouted in my heart. A dream that sees the value of a direct and living relationship with the environment ... a living, breathing relationship that informs you through beauty and joy and interdependence with nature.

I remembered the Goddess here, and everything changed.

Today I aim to live immersed in the body of Gaia/Sophia, the living planet. Even here, midst the city streets and busy-ness of urban life, I am reminded She is HERE, and can inform my living. She has much wisdom to share of right-relationship, interdependence, community ... and we need Her counsel.

I still dream of living off-the-grid immersed and more closely aligned to the living planet. So, instead, I am reminded each day to find Her Beauty where I am, for where I am, She is also.

I recently regained contact with Jim. His wonderful property is for sale. Take a look at the video for a tour of how the property looks today. Perhaps you have a dream of your own and can see the magic offered here for those with the eyes to see.

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