Landscape Quilts by Terri Stevenson

Cathedral Rock - Sedona, Arizona

Honoring Sacred Moments

Landscape quilts appeared on my design table soon after one very special trip I took with my three wonderful sisters to Sedona, Arizona. We had quite a wonderful time hiking through the trails to visit the vortexes and enjoying the stunning scenary, so foreign to our Ohio up-bringing.

This was my second trip to Sedona, and I had already felt a deep connection to the stunning beauty I found all around me there. Most prominently, though, it was Cathedral Rock that left the most profound impression on my soul when I first stepped out onto those smooth red rocks and gazed upon the spires a short distance away.

The trip I made many years later with my sisters only confirmed for me that Cathedral Rock would always be a Sacred Space in my mind and heart.

Much of this landscape quilt is constructed using old men's neckties. The quilt is a small quilt, and if I recall correctly, only measures approximately 10 inches high by 12 inches wide.

Below you can check out the pictures I took on that trip to Sedona, Arizona, including our visit to Cathedral Rock!

Check out more great images to inspire your landscape quilts.
For more information about Cathedral Rock from Wikipedia, click here.

Castleton Rock - Moab, Utah

Honoring A Moment Of Personal Triumph

One beautiful Saturday at the local farmer's market, a couple visiting Charlottesville from Northern Virginia commissioned me to do a quilt for their daughter. An avid rock climbing enthusiast, this young woman had recently climbed one of the premier climbing spots in the United States, Catleton Rock, in Moab, Utah.

This landscape quilt would be a way of honoring their daughter's recent triumph of a successful climb on this challenging piece of beautiful red rock, and also a means to honor her passage into adulthood.

As I thought about the design of this quilt, I wanted somehow to express that moment of triumph at the ascent, embracing the grand vista and landscape before you.

I also found the structural components of the rock formations surrounding the tower proper quite beautiful, and the colors splendid.

The only solution seemed to be to make this a two-frame quilt. Much of the fabric I hand-dyed and all of the scraps are from repurposed and reclaimed fabric.

Here's another great resource that captures the spirit of this quilt art.
Here's what Wikipedia has to say about Castleton Rock in Utah.

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