Handmade Wings For Shayna

When Angel Wings Flutter 

These are the  first handmade wings I have created for a for a four-legged friend and angel of JOY!

I first met Shayna this summer (2012) when I noticed the repeat visits she made to the patio of the bagel shop where I work. Bodos Bagels is usually swarming with activity when classes are in session at the University of Virginia’s main campus, located across the street. During the summer months however, the pace is somewhat less frenzied and the patio is often enjoyed by tourists visiting Thomas Jefferson’s Rotunda, or the locals who take advantage of the increased ease of access with fewer students dashing about. Shayna and her human companion, Jon, would often be found sitting in the corner of the patio …. Shayna stretched out and smiling her canine-smile, and Jon, busy entering something or another into his laptop.

Some time before our formal introductions, I found myself wondering what this beautiful dogs companion (I didn’t know their names yet) was working on with such intensity. Weeks went by before Jon introduced himself and invited me to see what he was working on. I was directed to the website where Jon tells the story of how Shayna came into his life … and the book he is writing about her.

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Learn More About Shayna the Miracle Dog HERE!


With each visit to the website Jon was creating about Shayna, I could clearly see the love they hold for each other. Then, one day, an emotional Jon revealed to me midst the busy restaurant rush that Shayna was seriously ill. She would need expensive care and surgery, and he was in fundraising mode to make sure that happened.

Quite unexpectedly, a clear vision of a handmade quilt for my Angel Wing Series arose in my mind and with complete detail. That alone was rather startling, for it rarely seems to happen to me in quite that way. I knew in a heartbeat … I would make a set of handmade wings for Shayna. It was a certainty within my own heart that seemed to generate this vision.

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A Handmade Quilt For Healing

As described elsewhere on this website, my Angel Wing quilts are created as a vessel to hold the blessings I intend, and each time I create a set of handmade wings is different. Tuning in to Shayna’s heart to create her handmade wings was quite a joy, indeed! The playfulness of the entire wing-making process felt full of her energy and joy.

Shayna’s Smile

Working with velvet to define Shayna’s sleek black coat of fur was a learning process, and my solution was to use two different black velvet fabrics to add contrast. Antique buttons brought sparkle to the eyes, and all-in-all, I am quite pleased with my first efforts at a portrait of a beloved pet.

Seeds of Love Sprout Wings For Shayna

Shayna’s handmade wings are splendid, and the effect of light bouncing off their surface can be quite stunning, though hard for me to capture with my limited skills in photography. Even my daughter exclaimed she thought the wings on this handmade quilt were the loveliest she has seen me create.

So Shayna has her wings, now, and if you feel so inclined, she can use your help!

More About Shayna’s Health Fund

See you in the Circle!

Charlottesville. Virginia

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