Handmade-Space - entry 4


Often, when I sit down to write about handmade-space, I am referring to an inner, psychological landscape. This inner landscape creates the environment for reflection, meditation, and perhaps most importantly … learning. Increasing the value of this inner landscape through self-directed learning can be fun, exciting, and empowering.

This week, my experience through learning provided a literal manifestation of handmade-space as the inner-landscape of my self-directed learning resulted in taking action and building my first handmade studio space within hours of listening to one of my favorite resources, from the Tragedy & Hope Community. Here’s what happened!



An active literate person is constantly thinking, learning, reflecting, and is assuming the responsibility for continued growth in their own literacy development.


Shortly after publishing When Darkness Falls Bloom Anyway!, my daughter, Amanda, her fiance, and I decided we would create a video to reply to one particular comment posted in response to the increased media coverage of Amanda’s case. I had done some minimal video creation, and felt confident I could do something. Within hours, I was notified that Richard Grove, founder of Tragedy & Hope and one of my favorite producers, had just released a video covering some of the same topics I knew would be useful.

"How to Podcast" with Richard Grove and James Evan Pilato by Jan Powers


As I have written before elsewhere on this website - at the foundation of my expression as an artist, I approach each project (as much as possible) with the philosophy to take what I have and make what I need. Well we had a couple of older laptops, and a smart phone … so if nothing else, we had what we needed. I threw some fabric yardage over the window in my dining room, and we did our best with what we had on hand to create my first handmade studio A, (a.k.a. Gwandma’s dining room).

Of course, this all took much longer to stage than we had anticipated, and Amanda still had to drive several hours to return to her home when we finished. After several readings of the commentary she had written … and a few stops and starts due to dogs barking and other extraneous distractions, we managed to get the video recorded on one laptop, and the audio on the smartphone as a back-up.

When we called it a wrap and played back the video, we were dismayed to discover that the noise from the fan in the laptop made the audio track useless. The hour was late and there was no more time to solve that problem and do another recording, but I felt confident that I had options to explore on solutions that might correct the distortions after listening to the How to Podcast video above!


Needless to say, I was confronted with many challenges in my attempt to produce this video in a timely matter. I downloaded software suggested in the podcast and had some success in eliminating noise, but not nearly enough. It appeared my only timely solution would be to learn how to replace the audio embedded in the video with the audio from the phone.

By this time I was seriously committed to solving this problem, and for the next 36 hours straight I was in an altered state of focused learning, similar to what I experience in my quilting during inspired moments. At the end of it all, I did have a finished video …but not without evidence of my limitations. The audio from the smartphone was missing a few seconds on the recording, and I was forced to use it as is.

Dear Rape Apologist

I learned so much during this process, and have a better grasp of how to immediately improve. Learning is empowering, and the new skills I am learning make me feel downright giddy with pleasure. So do yourself a favor and choose something to learn about today!

In the word’s of Richard Grove ...

 Learning is the answer. Now what is the question?

Terri Stevenson

June 23, 2013

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Published on Jun 15, 2013

Tragedy and Hope Casual Cafe: How does one go from being a listener or a viewer to producing audio and video media independently? Jan Powers, a fan and listener of both Richard Grove's Peace Revolution podcast and James Evan Pilato's MediaMonarchy podcast, asked "How does one get started in podcasting" and the result is this phenomenal episode packed with knowledge, helping you grow in the light direction. Get thought-provoking designs such as that worn by Richard in this interview, at


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