A Handmade Journey of Hope


A Handmade Journey of Hope is truly an evolving handmade blog. It is the story of the evolution of an artist ... (that would be me, Terri) ... as well as the emerging co-creative story of Handmade-Hope that I aim to initiate.

This vision of mine has barely sprouted the seeds of hope I aim to plant here. Seeds are marvelous vehicles holding immense power of creative potential, and so it is with great care that I make this analogy.

There is much wisdom to be found in seeds.

When new seeds are planted here at Handmade-Hope, you will find the information here first. So if you want to be notified when updates are made, be sure and subscribe to this blog by selecting the RSS feed of your choice.

I hope you find A Handmade Journey interesting, and I welcome your comments and participation.

And so ... let this handmade journey begin!

See You In the Circle!

Terri Stevenson
Sustainable Quilt Artist
Handmade-Hope Founder

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Apr 02, 2016

BioAcoustic Radiation Rescue Reports

Radiation Rescue Reports reveal frequency equivalents that can help detect ways the body may be impaacted by radiation exposure.

Continue reading "BioAcoustic Radiation Rescue Reports"

Apr 02, 2016

BioAcoustic Eye Watcher Reports

BioAcoustic Eye Watcher can help you keep a clear vision of many aspects of healthy eyes and clear sight.

Continue reading "BioAcoustic Eye Watcher Reports"

Apr 02, 2016

BioAcoustics Seasonal Flu & Pathogens Reports

Countervailing the seasonal flu and pathogens, this report reveals frequency equivalents across important domains worth considering to understand the body's response towards immunity.

Continue reading "BioAcoustics Seasonal Flu & Pathogens Reports"

Apr 02, 2016

BioAcoustic Stress & Trauma - PTSD Reports

This software was developed to aid soldiers returning with traumatic injuries, and is useful for monitoring those frequencies associated with trauma and stress for all of us.

Continue reading "BioAcoustic Stress & Trauma - PTSD Reports"

Apr 02, 2016

BioAcoustics Systems Detox Reports

This report generates frequency equivalents related to the processes of detoxification in the human mind-body system.

Continue reading "BioAcoustics Systems Detox Reports"

Apr 01, 2016

BioAcoustic Nutrition Consultant Report

Personalized real-time information about the nutritional needs and quality of the body.

Continue reading "BioAcoustic Nutrition Consultant Report"

Apr 01, 2016

BioAcoustic Muscles Report

This Muscles Report reveals frequencies associated with the muscles and their functions.

Continue reading "BioAcoustic Muscles Report"

Apr 01, 2016

Nanovoice Personality Profile Reports

Nanovoice - A personalized report on frequency and vibration of your personality.

Continue reading "Nanovoice Personality Profile Reports"

Feb 25, 2016

Mama T's Cosmic Tea Party & Meditation Circle

Join Terri at Avalla Massage and Wellness for a cup of tea and an introduction to meditation.

Continue reading "Mama T's Cosmic Tea Party & Meditation Circle"

Oct 20, 2015

Help Is On The Way

Continue reading "Help Is On The Way"

Jul 30, 2015

Rings Of Life - Michael Murphy

Continue reading "Rings Of Life - Michael Murphy"

Mar 23, 2015

Climbing PoeTree Live Performance | Bioneers

Continue reading "Climbing PoeTree Live Performance | Bioneers"

Jan 22, 2015

Dying to be me!

Published on Nov 30, 2013 Doctors had given Anita Moorjani just hours to live when she arrived at the hospital in a coma on the morning of February 2nd,

Continue reading "Dying to be me!"

Jan 08, 2015

Somewhere In America

Continue reading "Somewhere In America"

Dec 28, 2014

How Gwandma Hacked Her Heart

Terri's reviews her bulletproof biohacking strategies and reports on the impact of living 'bulletproof', the results of her recovery, and the way she 'hacked' her heart!

Continue reading "How Gwandma Hacked Her Heart"

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