The Feed-the-Dream Project needs YOUR vision and voice!


1. To share the techniques I have used to create some of my most popular quilts … what I call my WORD Quilts.

2. To facilitate others in exploring the creative process of focusing on one idea, translating their meaning into the resources available to create an artifact of beauty to transmit to the world.


The Feed-the Dream Project is a series of free, online lessons, with videos, that share the step-by-step instructions of how I create some of my most popular quilts, The WORD Quilt Series evolved from my initial love of the beauty of the watercolor quilts of other artists. The quilts reminded me of huge water-color paintings like those done by the great classical artists.

I researched the techniques of those quilt artist I so admired, then adapted what I learned to a process I found very rewarding, and can be easily executed to produce beautiful results … even from a novice sewist. Although different, you can find the three books that originally inspired my techniques by following the links below.

Watercolor Quilts by Pat Maixner & Donna Ingram Slusser

Watercolor Impressions - Quilts inspired by the Best Seller Watercolor Quilts.

Watercolor Magic - by Deanna Spingola

Since not everyone will want or have the resources available to create a quilt, I will also offer suggestions on how to initiate the same creative process with alternative methods.


The Feed-the-Dream Project will also provide the means of transmission into the world conversation by providing anyone participating in the project with a gallery to showcase the message they wish to share with the world, and the ability to receive comments from the world when others see their work.

How to Feed YOUR Dream Into World

Who can participate?

Participants may submit as individuals, teams, collaborative friends, families, classrooms … in other words, any single individual or transacting-group-of humans-with-a-shared purpose.

What art can I submit?

Participants choose a single word or concept to transmit to the world conversation and in so doing, consciously add to the world we are collectively dreaming. This requires some contemplation and/or reflection, and if this is a collaborative effort, choosing a shared focus can support the solidarity of the participants in many ways.

Imagine … a family participating would collaborate to focus on one word that perhaps reflects a value they hold and cherish. Together they create an artifact of beauty that then becomes a cherished heirloom to leave future generations.

How do I create my online gallery?

Participants then submit digital images, a written story, and/or a video about their work through the submit form on the Feed-the-Dream Project Galleries page of the Handmade-Hope website. (click here) At this time, the submit form does not accept audio files, so if your artifact is expressed through audio files, please contact me directly to arrange an alternative (, or follow the instructions provided (coming soon) to convert your files to video.Once I receive your submissions, a ‘mini’ website gallery is created just for you, and you will be sent a link to that page when it is published. You can then send friends and family the link and proudly show your accomplishments. Others will be able to comment on your work, and you can actively engage in the conversation generated!

Can I submit more than once?

Participants are welcome to submit as many times as desired. Once you explore one word or concept … why not choose a new focus? Let the conversations begin!

Ready! Set! Go!

So …. here’s the steps:

1. Choose a WORD.

2. Create art in any media.

3. Submit your contribution to Feed-the-Dream Project Galleries

4. Share your personal Feed-the-Dream Gallery links and participate in the conversation that emerges. Encourage others to comment, too.

How much does it cost?

The Feed-the-Dream Project is FREE to all participants.

You can support this effort by making a donation that will help me keep this project current and continue to produce content that will remain free, or you can also support the project through purchasing one of Terri’s WORD Quilts, at a reduced price, or with a commission of any other of Terri’s artistic creations (priced negotiated on a case-by-case basis).

Feed-the-Dream Project Resources

new lessons added here as they are produced

Feed-the-Dream Project Watercolor WORD Quilt Lessons Playlist

Feed-the-Dream Project Guidelines (non-quilting) Playlist

Feed-the-Dream Project How Do I Do It? Playlist

Feed-the-Dream ProjectStep 1 - Choose the Focus

Feed-the-Dream Project Step 2 - Inventory of Resources

Feed-the-Dream Project Step 3 - The Blank Canvas Before You


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