Bridge Of Hope - A Vision For The Future!

Handmade-Hope is a Bridge of Hope, in a realm of many bridges! These bridges lead to many destinations. Some take you to real world places and the people living there. One bridge may lead you to an exotic location filled with people building their own bridges to serve and sustain THEIR community.

Certain bridges are constucted of the dreams of talented handmade artisans with shops full of beautiful hand-crafted goods made with loving care.

There are even bridges that will lead you to the center of yourself and back out again ... revealing structural flaws in your existing bridges ... or inspiring new ideas and improvements for for future bridge-building technologies to come!

Bridges of connection and inspiration ... and bridges of hope, indeed.
Tom Curtis - Photographer

Hope - What Is It?

The Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition] defines hope as a verb and a noun.

Used as a verb, - (to) want or expect something: to have a wish to get or do something or for something to happen or be true, especially something that seems possible or likely.

Used as a noun - the same resource offers the following five definitions:
1. confident desire: a feeling that something desirable is likely to happen. "The research offers hope to sufferers."

2. likelihood of success: a chance that something desirable will happen or be possible. "There's not much hope that things will improve."

3. wish or desire: something that somebody wants to have or do or wants to happen or be true. "My hope is that she will change her mind."

4. source of success: somebody or something that seems likely to bring success or relief. "We have to do this, it's our only hope."

5. trust: a feeling of trust. ( archaic )

For a full definition of the word 'hope' cross THIS bridge here.

Hope - Why bother?

A pessimist would claim hope to be of no practical use when confronted with the problems we face in today's world. Some would say to hope is not much more than wishful thinking in a world gone mad!

Evidence to justify the loss of hope is readily found. All one really needs to do is watch the mainstream news on television or scan the headlines of most any major newspaper to begin a spiraling descent into paralyzing depression and anxiety.

When examined closely, though, hope lies at the core of what it means to be human.

Without hope, humanity loses the ability to envision any future at all.

Hope that leads to action creates results!

Unlike wishful thinking or merely daydreaming, Handmade-Hope is built of Bridges of Hope inviting you to action or connection.

Here ... you can find inspiration and hope when yours is running low.

Here ... you can learn to crack open your unique creative vision and express your hopes and dreams.

Cross a bridge or two while you are here at Handmade-Hope and take time to explore the territory.

As more Bridges of Hope are built over time, you may find you may want to build a Bridges of Hope or two of your own.

Inspiration Bridge

Need a little inspiration?

Want to offer someone a bit of encouragement?

Inspiration Bridge is a collection of quotes about hope. This is a Bridge of Hope to check often for new quotes added regularly.

Have a great quote about hope you want to share?
Add yours to Inspiration Bridge and help build this Bridge of Hope and inspire the world.

Help construct our first Bridge of Hope - Inspiration Bridge!

Bridge of Hope Galleries

The seed for Handmade-Hope was planted several years ago.
The initial project has been refined over time to its present form.

Bridge of Hope Galleries is a project that uses the mandala as a common framework to find, negotiate and map pathways that support and foster sustainable and life-affirming community.

Mandalas of Hope Galleries

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