Biohacking Your Life

In 1962 I was a ten-year old curious girl with three younger sisters, living on the top of a hill in an old, drafty farm-house in rural Ohio. As the eldest sibling, I have a very clear memory of trekking up the gravel driveway to the house after the school-bus dropped me and two of my sisters at the stop below. The climb was a steep one, mostly unmanageable in a car during winter months.

One particular day that year stands out in my memory, in hindsight. That was the day I first became a biohacker! Of course, I had no idea that I was a biohacker until recently ... but never-the-less, the day has always held significance for me. Why? That was the day my parents conducted an experiment in sleep-learning with me and two of my sisters as subjects.
Here is what happened.

After enough play-time (to expend the pent-up energy felt by most schooled children), my parents gathered their three eldest daughters together to explain the experiment. My youngest sister would not participate, since she was too young. We were asked to get calm and stretch out on the floor to take a short nap. It was clearly explained to us that once we fell asleep, my dad would begin to play a tape-recorded reading of a poem, by Robert Louis Stevenson. All we had to do was take a nap.

Well ... I was very intrigued by this exotic machine my dad had sitting nearby. I knew about tape-recorders from school, but to see such a device in my home was astounding. We were far from wealthy. We didn't even have a color TV! Even then I knew this was a luxury item ... yet here it was, sitting before me. I was also quite fascinated by the odd tape already loaded in the recorder. It wasn't like the ones at school which had two separate reels, one feeding the other as they rotated. This was what my dad named as an endless tape. It consisted of one reel enclosed in a plastic cover, and I could see it winding back onto itself, starting over to repeat itself when it came to its end. I found all of this new technology at my fingertips fascinating, and was quick to settle down and proceed with the experiment, most likely day-dreaming a bit about being some famous scientist in the midst of some great revelation!

After our brief nap, my sisters and I woke to report to our parents. We each recited the short poem to varying degrees of accuracy ... but with enough quantifiable success to merit the practice worthy. We COULD, indeed, learn while we sleep!

The Swing - by Robert Louis Stevenson

How do you like to go up in a swing, 
Up in the air so blue? 
Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing 
Ever a child can do! 

Up in the air and over the wall, 
Till I can see so wide, 
River and trees and cattle and all 
Over the countryside-- 

Till I look down on the garden green, 
Down on the roof so brown-- 
Up in the air I go flying again, 
Up in the air and down

I learned how to biohack my brain that day, biohacking my sleep every now and then to learn something specific, but most importantly, I had direct experience that we could change and enhance our own brains. That was an amazing insight that has profoundly impacted the person I am today, and the person I will be in the years to come. Thank you Mom & Dad!

Self-Directed Biohacker - 50 Years Later!

This young man stumbled upon the same results nearly fifty years after I learned how to biohack my sleep to learn a simple poem. He learns languages, and has developed his own simple technique to bio-hack his brain.

For More Information On Sleep-Learning - Click HERE!

Biohacking Handmade-Space

This blog, Handmade-Space, was created as a means to share some of the techniques and concepts I have used on my own journey to live a balanced and productive life, filled with joy and learning. This past year has been quite exceptional, though my reports have been few and far between. Integrating what I have learned has taken time ... and I sincerely hope well worth the wait for my few dedicated readers. 

Over the course of future editions, it is my aim to share a more complete picture of some of the things I find most worthy. You can look forward to reading about five people that have significantly impacted and enhanced the quality of my life in more detail. 

David Martin - Integral AccountingI learned to biohack my values from studying David Martin.

David Martin Playlist Overview HERE!

Richard Grove - Tragedy & Hope - From master communicator, Richard Grove I learned how literacy could enslave me, and how to biohack my liberty to acquire cognitive self-defense.

Demo Reel - Richard Grove & Tragedy & Hope - HERE!

Jan Irvin - Gnostic Media - Jan Irwin's exemplary research helped me understand biohacking the mind as an established and well-documented science, often used to control the public. Jan also provides a remedy - the proper use of the trivium method, a precise method I can use to learn anything.

Who's Hacking Your Mind? Jan's MKULTRA research - HERE!

Hacking Your Own Mind - Trivium Education - HERE!

Dave Asprey - Bullitproof Exectutive - I was introduced to the work of Dave Asprey through two in-depth interviews done by Jan Irvin. Dave taught me to take control of my own health by bio-hacking my own body and mind .... with astounding results in a short period of time!

Biohacking Your Health - Jan's Interview with Dave Asprey - Pt 1

Biohacking Your Health - Jan's Interview with Dave Asprey - Pt 2

Sharry Edwards - Sound Health Options - Another favorite researcher, Henrik Palmgren, of Red Ice Radio, provided my first connection to the work of leading researcher of Bio-Acoustic Biology, Sharry Edwards. Through voice-profiling, Sharry's work can reveal a holographic representation of the human body system, giving me information about myself in real-time.

Hacking Your Voice - Sharry Edwards On Bio-Acoustics Biology - HERE!

Where The Rubber Meets The Road

Why does all of this matter? Why do I mention these five people as having a significant and powerful impact on my personal state of well-being and happiness today?

To tell that story with any integrity will require more than this one blog post will allow. Those that choose to follow the links I have provided above can likely discover the answer to that question on their own. Today I will just give you a brief overview.

By mid-June I was convinced that my working days in the restaurant industry were over. After 40 years of working on concrete floors in physically demanding and high-stress environments (if you have ever worked in high-volume restaurants you KNOW what I am speaking about!), my body was in so much pain I could no longer walk more than a block without excruciating pain and muscle spasms. I sincerely thought I would likely need a hip-replacement, and I had no idea what I was going to do to support myself 

Sitting at home, unable to even garden or do minimal housework without pain, I had plenty of time to think, reflect, and research the material of those five generous people I mention above.

I listen regularly to these ... and many other fine producers of media, rather than expose myself to what passes for journalism produced by the main-stream providers. There is always plenty of interesting material to check out, and this time off work led me to finally listen to Jan's interview with Dave Asprey (part one), mentioned above.

By the end of that interview, I found myself actively questioning my current reality - one filled with pain and the inability to do the work I had done all of my life. I also was better equipped to defend myself cognitively, having begun to use the strategies of cognitive self-defense, and was soon deep in the research of the bio-hacking community I had just discovered. I could hardly wait for part two of Jan's interview with Dave to be published.

In the meantime, though I had no funds to purchase anything suggested due to lack of a paycheck, I DID have the ability to choose to follow the bulletproof diet as much as possible. I immediately gave up consuming all wheat and grains, and remained diligent as possible. I couldn't yet order the bulletproof coffee and upgraded MCT oil, so I found some grass-fed butter at the local health-food store, used what coffee I had, and substituted with the organic coconut oil I already had in my pantry. I deprived myself of the raw fruits & vegetable smoothies I had grown to love, and limited my fruit to one serving per day. Lots and lots of vegetables, and two eggs per day rounded out the diet that first week.

After seven days, I could definitely notice my pain was significantly less, and the spasms in my leg muscles had nearly completely abated. That certainly motivated me to continue, and by the end of week two, I was certain I could eventually return to work at least part-time. I convinced my employer to let me try a day or two the next week.

My employer was delighted to let me try, but had also witnessed the debilitating pain and spasms that would overtake me just a few weeks prior, so I was scheduled for just a few hours a day, every other day the next week. Though I had been without a paycheck for several weeks, with the small paycheck I had earned the following week I FINALLY ordered some bulletptroof coffee and upgraded MCT oil. The results I had from just modifying my diet so far convinced me that it was the best investment I could make ... and I am happy to report ... I was correct!

The coffee arrived quickly, and soon I was starting each day with a cup of delicious bulletproof coffee. I had totally eliminated my pain, and returned to work full-time! I had more energy, and even our customers noticed the changes in me. I had more energy at the age of sixty than many of the college students working next to me. 

Within one month, I had lost 32 pounds, and was within five pounds of my high-school weight. The pain was gone! I had no need for the massive doses of ibuprofen I had been taking for years. I was sleeping better, and yes ... even definitely thinking with more clarity. I would often enjoy a second cup of bulletproof coffee when I returned home from work. My afternoon and evenings were no longer lost! I had the energy and the attitude to get things done and I felt wonderful.

I remember one afternoon, speaking with a young friend who had noticed the changes I had made. I searched to find the words to describe what it was I was feeling. I thought ... struggling a bit to identify the feeling accurately. Then it hit me ... I felt HAPPY! REALLY HAPPY! (Gotta love those neurotransmitters when they are working properly!)

So this grandmother (tweet me @gwandma) is officially declaring herself a biohacker ... leading an increasingly bulletproof life! And if you want to do a little biohacking of your own, just follow the links you find here to all of the fine products Dave Asprey carries at Upgraded Self. It will also help support my studies for my NEXT profession. And what is that ... you might ask?

Bio-Acoustics Biology - Learning The Language Of Biological Frequencies

Sharry Edwards pioneering research on using the frequencies of the the voice to map biological processes in the body over the past thirty years suggests that science may soon have the technology and knowledge to learn more about the root causes of much of the disease that we face in today's environment. It also is possible to provide remedies through introducing missing or needed frequencies into the human system through sound, sometimes providing missing frequencies that are not available in any other way currently.

I have begun my studies, and will soon be able to join her efforts, first as a research assistant. Currently, I am engaged in doing some basic voice-profiling, learning the skills I will need to become a full-time Bio-Acoustics Practitioner. I am happy to learn those skills and provide basic voice-profiling reports to anyone interested, at reduced rates, to finance my studies. I plan to specifically reach out to the bio-hacking community, to do some specialized reports within that circle, so if you are currently a practicing biohacker, I'll do the reports for FREE. Here's the catch.

Most practicing biohackers regularly have blood work done to check their bio-markers. This is the way they keep track of the effects of their experiments. I will do a FREE report for anyone willing to share the results of their bio-marker tests. This kind of study should garnish excellent data that can only increase the effectiveness of using bio-acoustics for optimum health and performance in the years to come. Quantified research is needed, and I look forward to working with anyone willing to help us with this endeavor.

So, if you are interested in having a profile done on YOUR voice, please check out my page on voice-profiling. You can get a basic personality profile for as little as $10, and the more involved reports I can currently offer for the very low cost of $33 ... FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.

These reports are detailed reports designed to be shared with your health-care provider, to provide insights that might be missing through other diagnostic means. The reports are packed full of information, and are not intended to diagnose or treat any condition, but can greatly enhance your ability to make informed decisions that can otherwise escape notice.

As I have heard Sharry say ... I am interested in the data, and if you happen to get well in the process, that's fine, too!

Get Your Biohacking Your Life Reports - Here!

Terri Stevenson

The Biohacking  Gwandma

September 20, 2013

Grammar For This Blog Edition

What Is Bio-Hacking?

Biohacking (verb, noun):
(v): To use system thinking, science, biology, and self-experimentation to take control of and upgrade your body, mind, and your life.
(n) The art and science of becoming superhuman

What Is Systems Thinking?

Systems thinking is the process of understanding how things, regarded as systems, influence one another within a whole. In systems science, it is argued that the only way to fully understand why a problem or element occurs and persists is to understand the parts in relation to the whole.[3]

What Is Quantified Self?

The Quantified Self is an international collaboration of users and makers of self-tracking tools.

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