Cognitive Liberty - Biohacking The Mind

Over the years, I have lost count of the quilts I have made. I wish I had kept better count. Each quilt has its own story, embedded into the fabric and stitched patterns of thread, but there are certain quilts that stand as milestones in my life and work. Cognitive Liberty - Biohacking The Mind is one of those quilts ... one that holds a powerful personal message given to and transmitted from me. It has taken me one full year to complete this work, with many starts and stops along the way. I would transform my health quickly, using the biohacking methods I learned at The Bulletproof Executive, soon after beginning this quilt. I would grieve the loss of my son, and celebrate the wedding of my daughter, before I managed to complete this quilt. 

My original intention when I began this piece was to do another of my word quilts. I found it difficult to make a decision on whether the quilt should read LIBERTY or COGNITIVE LIBERTY. So, I continued working on the background, while gently holding this question. One morning, after some focused breath work and a brief meditation, my inner landscape found me looking at my face, eyes closed, in the living representation of the background setting I was building. I got a visionary flash of the finished quilt, and totally changed directions.

The background is very densely quilted, requiring many many hours of free-form machine quilting. I took the opportunity to use a good bit of metallic threads in many colors, glad to have a suitable project to finish these nearly empty spools. The effect is subtle, but noticeable with close scrutiny, and it gives me great pleasure to create no waste.

Building, then quilting the background for this quilt kept me focused to achieve a very dynamic and organic feel. My aim was to capture as best as possible, an image that could coax the viewer into feeling immersed in the proverbial Great Web Of Life. I fed my mind as I quilted, and reflected on many questions. Am I the bacteria that lives inside or upon me? And are ALL of my thoughts my own? 

I debated on the image to use for the face breaking the surface of the background. I found suitable images for both male and female, eyes open or closed. I chose the image simply based on my visionary experience, but could easily do a similar quilt based on other preferences. 

The face itself extends above the densely quilted background by nearly two inches, giving new depth and added dimension to the work. I find it pleasing to focus a soft gaze on the center of this quilt. The metallic threads and reflective fibers used in this quilt dance with the light. and as the light in the room changes, so does the effect of the quilt!

This quilt measures approximately 24 ins. W X 39 ins. H. and except for the one of the specialty threads used in the densely quilted water-colored background, is completely made from reclaimed and repurposed clothing and fabric scraps. There is a rod pocket installed across the top of the backside of the quilt to make hanging easy.

Cognitive Liberty - Biohacking The Mind $888.00 US includes shipping

The magic of quilts of this style begins with cutting 2 inch squares of random fabrics, then sorting them by color and value, the more diversity of fabrics ... all the better! I keep a stash of pre-cut and pre-sorted fabrics in plastic sandwich bags readily available for those times when inspiration arrives. These squares are chosen, just as if you were dabbing on some paint, sometimes rotated, one square at a time until the desired effect is found. It requires a lot of stepping back to view the canvas-in-progress. I often spend many days just building the background.

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For a limited time, I am offering this quilt at a supremely reduced price of only $299.00 US. I will ship the quilt you see above to the first buyer, and will extend this fabulous value to anyone that commissions a similar quilt for the same limited time frame. This quilt would make a lovely addition to anyone's personal meditation sanctuary, and is certain to provoke much attention in any setting. Use the simple secure shopping cart below to order a special gift for someone you love ... or treat yourself!

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